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About Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks is the location of the former Bethlehem Steel plant. It is a huge industrial complex that was in steel production for 140 years. The Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and Madison Square Garden were all constructed with steel made from this facility. The location has a lot of history to it and is filled with countless textured metal facades which act as a great backdrop for pictures. There is an elevated catwalk that allows us to get close to the entire length of the structure. Because of this there are many points of view to photograph at this location. They even filmed some of the first Transformers movie here! If you are looking for an industrial look and/or are a history buff, look no further. I have a few examples below of great places to take pictures at Steel Stacks.

The Catwalk Steps

These steps have a zig-zag type of pattern that makes for some interesting pictures. The direction behind the steps faces west so it’s a nice spot for silhouettes with the sunset as the backdrop.

The Catwalk

This area has multiple perspectives to highlight the industrial look that Steel Stacks has to offer. The rusted metal background has some really incredible textures and colors to show off as well. This is a spacious area so there is a lot of room to walk around and explore. There are a lot of great options to take photographs here.

Steel Stacks Engagement Photography

The South and West Walkways

These are the spacious areas around the Steel Stacks structure that have sidewalks and areas to explore. They offer a great point of view of the entire Bethlehem Steel site. These areas are the best for pictures that show off more of the environment and they do so in a spectacular fashion! From the southern walkway facing west you could get a beautiful sunset that silhouettes all of the Steel Stacks. It’s locations like this that make me especially excited to be a Lehigh Valley photographer.

Steel Stacks Engagement Photos

Steel Stacks Engagement Photographer