The Westin Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
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The Westin Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at the Westin in Philadelphia, PA.

As a wedding photographer I am continually searching for new points of view and perspectives of how to tell the story of the day. I think body language is very important in photography and I make a habit of looking above and beyond the couple's facial expressions.

The groom and groom, Marc and Kai, were listening to their family and friends giving them speeches and toasts at their wedding reception. I know it was an emotional and meaningful experience for them both and I noticed that they held each other's hands. That's when I took this photograph and it shows expression while only focusing on their body language.

Photojournalism is a huge part of being a wedding photographer. For pictures like this it is very important for me to be observant of what's happening around me especially the subtleties.