Wedding Inspiration Longwood Gardens
William Adwin Photography

Wedding Inspiration Longwood Gardens

This picture was taken at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

Carolina and Jose really wanted some pictures at the Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens. While that location acted as a beautiful backdrop for their engagement session pictures, the natural sun light did not look good on their faces and was unflattering.

Because they loved the location I could not just tell them that the natural light did not look good so I knew I had to make the lighting on them work. I ended up having my assistant stand in the frame and hold a flash close to their faces. I then edited out my assistant so it just appeared as the natural sunlight in the frame.

It's a very important part of my job as an engagement and wedding photographer to be able to use natural light as well as artificial light to create a beautiful picture in any environment I am working in.