Stroudsmoor Country Inn Wedding Photographer
William Adwin Photography

Stroudsmoor Country Inn Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg, PA.

There are a number of traditional dances at wedding receptions and among them are the parent dances. Sometimes fathers will dance with the bride and other times the mother will. I have even seen a brother dance with his sister who is the bride. It's your wedding and it's really up to you and regardless of who is dancing with who, it's a very meaningful event.

The bride in this photo, Kim, is dancing with her mother and it was a very emotional moment for the both of them. Kim wiped her mother's tears away as they held onto each other closely.

As a wedding photographer it's very important for me to anticipate moments like this because these moments come and go in a second. If I see it happening, sometimes it's already too late. It's all about anticipation on a wedding day.