Silver Birches Wedding Photographer
William Adwin Photography

Silver Birches Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at Silver Birches in Hawley, PA.

There can be very emotional times on a wedding day and this was probably the most difficult picture I ever had to take.

The bride, Jennifer, was getting ready for her wedding day. She then got out a framed photograph of her father who had recently passed. I saw her holding the picture and I wanted to give her privacy but I also realized it was an incredibly beautiful and touching moment that I wanted to photograph for her. I did not take a lot of pictures of this moment because I did not want to intrude. Ultimately, I am glad I took a picture of this very meaningful moment.

Because this was such a private moment, I asked Jennifer if she minded if I shared the picture publicly. She told me I could and I think it's important for other people to see. I'm sure there are a lot of other people that have had their own difficult moments just like Jennifer did in this picture.

It really is a privilege and honor to be welcomed into a wedding day and I make a point of not taking it for granted that I am a wedding photographer.