Pen Ryn Wedding Photographer
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Pen Ryn Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at Pen Ryn Estate in Bensalem, PA.

I am always happy to take sunset pictures of the wedding couple. This of course is weather permitting. But these portraits of the couple are a beautiful and colorful "bookend" to the couple's photography.

The bride and groom, Lauren and CJ, were happy to leave their wedding reception for a few minutes to take advantage of the waterfront sunset view at Pen Ryn Estate. This view is ON the venue's property and it is incredibly beautiful and convenient.

Taking these sunset or evening portraits always involve the couple having to leave their party. Because of this it's extremely important for me to know photography and how to work my gear. I would never want to fumble around and take extra time to get these kinds of pictures. I want them to be short and sweet and then the couple can go back to their wedding reception.