Pen Ryn Estate Wedding Photographer
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Pen Ryn Estate Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at Pen Ryn Estate in Bensalem, PA.

The father daughter dance is a very special event at the wedding reception. But can there be a grandfather daughter dance on your wedding day? Of course there can!

In this image, the bride Lauren decided to have a very special dance with her grandfather. It was such a beautiful moment and the expressions on both of their faces say so much.

Whenever I am photographing special moments like this on the wedding day, I make a point of keeping my distance from who I am taking pictures of. I would never want to be standing in the middle of the dance floor at someones wedding reception taking pictures. I feel like that is intrusive. So I use a zoom lens and stand farther away so that I can capture the moments without anyone evening noticing that I am photographing them.