Morgan Hill Wedding Photographer
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Morgan Hill Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken in Easton, PA.

After I photograph a bride getting ready on the wedding day, I will take a few close up portraits of her.

This is Stephanie and she was so excited about seeing her fiancé Hayden. It's nice to take some portraits during this time because when the bride looks back on these pictures she may be able to relive all those emotions she was experiencing before walking down the aisle.

For the getting ready photography as well as these kinds of portraits, I will use the natural light coming through from the window and try to find a dark background if possible. The quality of light is beautiful and soft and the background contrasts her so she stands out even more. Not every getting ready room will have windows and sometimes I will find another location for this. That was the case in this picture where I actually shot it in the cocktail hour room.