Longwood Gardens Weddings
William Adwin Photography

Longwood Gardens Weddings

This picture was taken at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

Longwood Gardens is an exceptional location to have your engagement or wedding pictures at. There are so many colorful flowers inside and outside as well as beautiful Italian-style architecture. There are fountains and even an evening fountain show with incredible vibrant uplighting paired to music!

Pro tip, if you want pictures here on your wedding day, only the couple is allowed to come and the entire wedding party is not. You also have to get timed tickets ahead of time.

The bride and groom-to-be in this picture, Carolina and Jose, wanted a location that was elegant. When I recommended Longwood Gardens to them they were immediately attracted to the location.

It was a sunny day and I decided to put the sunlight behind them while lighting them off-camera left with a flash. This duel lighting lighting which combines natural and artificial light is reminiscent of Old Hollywood movies. The back light from the sun creates a beautiful hair and rim light while the flash created more of a mood and dimension to the picture. I really love that style of lighting and when paired with a black-and-white edit can make for a very stylized photograph.

As a wedding photographer it's important for me to be able to create different styles and looks to my photography to match whatever artistic concept I have in my mind or request that my couple requests of me.