Lehigh Valley Church Wedding Photography
William Adwin Photography

Lehigh Valley Church Wedding Photography

This picture was taken at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Mt. Carmel, PA.

The wedding ceremony is one of the most emotional parts of a wedding day. When the couple is about to commit to one another, there are so many beautiful emotions for them as well as their family and friends.

Emily and TJ decided to write their own vows to one another. When it was TJ's turn he had some heart-warming words to share as well as some pretty hilarious stories. This is Emily's reaction to one of those hilarious stories.

When I am photographing a wedding ceremony, I never say a word to the couple or anyone else for that matter. I do not pose anyone or say "smile at the camera". I never want to intrude in any way. It's my job to understand the structure of the wedding and plan accordingly. I do this by positioning myself in different locations and anticipating the moments that will be unfolding.