Hotel Bethlehem Wedding Photography
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Hotel Bethlehem Wedding Photography

This picture was taken at Historic Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem, PA.

Quinn and Kevin got married in December and obviously it was a little cold outside. Because of that we took the majority of their portraits together inside of Hotel Bethlehem.

As I've mentioned before, the background of my photographs are not arbitrary. There is always intent behind where I'm shooting. For this particular image, Quinn and Kevin told me how much they loved these curved doorways at the hotel so I made a point of incorporating that into their portraits together.

Because Hotel Bethlehem can have multiple weddings/events happening on the same day as well as hotel guests walking around the common areas, it's important for me to be able to work quickly. I do not want to intrude on the other events happening at the hotel or bother the guests that are trying to enjoy their stay. Having a lot of experience, knowing how to give direction to who I'm photographing, and understanding my gear, are all the reasons that I can work so efficiently on a wedding day.