Allentown Rose Garden Wedding Photographer
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Allentown Rose Garden Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at the Rose Gardens in Allentown, PA.

When I photograph the couple on the wedding day, I take a variety of different kinds of portraits of them in a variety of locations.

The bride and groom, Joelle and Steve, wanted some pictures at the Allentown Rose Gardens. Unfortunately the actual roses were hit by a rose disease but the actual greenery in the park was quite beautiful.

I found a great patch of light for me to photograph in and as the wedding couple arrived in the light, Steve decided to help Joelle with her dress. This was not posed in any way and I made a point of photographing the moment.

While I do give direction to the couple at certain points while I'm photographing the wedding, I also make sure to anticipate and be observant of any movements that are happening. I want to photograph these moments as they naturally unfold on the wedding day.