Merrill Creek Engagement Photos
William Adwin Photography

Merrill Creek Engagement Photos

This picture was taken at Merrill Creek in Harmony, NJ.

The bride and groom-to-be, Emily and TJ, wanted to have their engagement session in the Fall near the water. We found the perfect location in NJ called Merrill Creek.

I always make a point of photographing some sunset pictures during the engagement session as long as weather permits. During this picture a park goer's dog walked right into the back of the frame and was silhouetted by the light reflecting on the water. I thought it added a nice touch to this picture and told a story.

There was some beautiful clouds and color in the sky during Emily and TJ's engagement session. I exposed for the sky with my camera and then exposed for the two of them by using a flash that was set up out of frame. This photography technique allows me to have beautiful light on my couple and show off the color and texture in the sky. This would not be possible while only using natural light. This is an important skill for any engagement photographer and wedding photographer to have.