Longwood Gardens Engagement Photos
William Adwin Photography

Longwood Gardens Engagement Photos

This picture was taken at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

Victoria and Dan wanted to have their engagement session pictures taken at Longwood Gardens. It's certainly understandable as to why and the gardens offer an exquisite array of flowers and incredible Italian-style architecture and fountains.

In this picture, Victoria and Dan, are enjoying some time together in front of one of their favorite fountains at the gardens. They are being their playful and flirtatious selves with each other.

When I am photographing at Longwood Gardens, it's important for me to plan accordingly. The Gardens are very popular and therefore can get pretty crowded. For engagement sessions, I recommend choosing a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Those are the least crowded days and they are closed on Tuesdays. It's easier for myself and the couples I'm working with when there aren't a lot of people walking around in the background of their pictures.

I always like to say that there is a lot more to taking a picture than TAKING the actual picture. Planning accordingly at a crowded place like Longwood Gardens is part of what goes into a beautiful picture that has nothing to do with the photography equipment.