Longport NJ Engagement Photographer
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Longport NJ Engagement Photographer

This picture was taken in Longport, NJ.

The bride and groom-to-be, Sarah and Josh, wanted to explore the beach and jetty during their engagement session. It was so much fun and we were blessed with beautiful weather!

As a photographer, I always make a point of creating a variety of different images for my couples. I never want the pictures to look repetitive. In this particular photo, I knew it was a great opportunity to have Sarah and Josh seated while on the rocks. Not only did this create some variety by not having them stand in every picture but it was also safer for them to stay put because the jetty was a bit precarious.

As always, I asked the engaged couple how they envisioned their engagement pictures. One of the things that Sarah and Josh really loved were beautiful blue skies. I was able to create that, not with the natural light, but with a flash my assistant was holding off camera right. That allowed me to light the two of them while underexposing the sky just a bit to bring out the color blue more. There's usually a lot more to photography than just a pretty location and it's my job to communicate the benefits of working with an experienced wedding photographer.