Longport Engagement Photos
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Longport Engagement Photos

This picture was taken in Longport, NJ.

The bride and groom-to-be, Sarah and Josh, decide to have their engagement photography in Longport, NJ. This location has meaning to them both and it is where Sarah's family has a beach house.

We explored the area and had quite the adventure. Sarah and Josh asked if they could have some pictures with their bikes and I happily agreed. As the sun was beginning to set I saw a small board walk area and I thought it would make for a great silhouette. When I took the shot a seagull came flying by and it just added a little something "extra" to the photograph.

Whenever I am taking pictures on an engagement session or a wedding day, I make a point of keeping my non dominant eye open while my dominant eye is looking through the viewfinder. I do this so that I am always aware of my surroundings. In this picture I saw the seagull flying in from my peripheral view and therefore was reading to capture it when it flew right between Sarah and Josh. There's a lot more to being an engagement photographer and wedding photographer than just taking the picture. This is a great example of a good technique that has helped me over the years with capturing moments.