Lehigh Valley Engagement Photos
William Adwin Photography

Lehigh Valley Engagement Photos

This picture was taken in Easton, PA.

The bride and groom-to-be, Casey and Kyle, decided to explore Easton for their engagement session. As we were walking around I saw an interesting mural that had the color red in it. Casey had mentioned that her favorite color is red so it only made sense for us to take some pictures in front of it. Red, of course, also represents love.

I noticed the sweeping design in the mural and thought of how to incorporate Casey and Kyle into that. I had an umbrella in my car and had them hold it. The umbrella mimicked the designs in the mural and acted as an interesting element to bring Casey and Kyle together.

As an engagement photographer and wedding photographer it's an important part of my job to conceptualize an idea for a photograph and to have the technical savvy to make it happen.