Bride and Groom at Longwood Gardens
William Adwin Photography

Bride and Groom at Longwood Gardens

This picture was taken at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

The bride and groom, Alena and Yury, wanted to have their wedding photography taken at Longwood Gardens. If you have not noticed by now, I have shot at this location many times. I actually have an annual membership! I cannot say enough about how absolutely beautiful this location is.

Alena and Yury's wedding was in the summer and it was, understandably, very hot outside. As a chance to "beat the heat" a little bit, I took them under the canopy of this tree. It's a bit of a "hidden" location at Longwood Gardens because it is not obvious that you can get under the tree canopy. Being a regular here has allowed me to find some of these "gems".

We took a few pictures here and I underexposed the ambient light so that the greenery of the tree was not overly exposed. I then used a flash to light Alena and Yury. Being able to control the balance between ambient light and artificial light is a very important part of being an engagement and wedding photographer. It allows me to be able to work with any environment given to me and I know I can always create beautiful light.