Bellgate Farms Wedding Photos
William Adwin Photography

Bellgate Farms Wedding Photos

This picture was taken at Bellgate Farms in Coopersburg, PA.

The single most requested picture from brides-to-be is a picture of their partner watching them walk down the aisle. This is completely understandable and it's arguably the most emotional moment of the entire day.

In this picture, Jack is watching his soon-to-be wife, Megan, walk down the aisle. He is so happy and you can clearly see the joy on his face. His best man is by his side proudly watching Jack which makes this image even more meaningful.

From a photography standpoint, this is one of the more difficult parts of the wedding day to photograph well. For this wedding, I was photographing Megan walking down the aisle while turning around to get Jack's reaction. I continually did this back and forth between the two of them in addition to getting reactions from the parents in the front row. Needless to say, I love a LONG aisle so that I have enough time to capture all these moments. Bellgate Farms does not disappoint with their beautiful outdoor ceremony site right next to a pond and surrounded by beautiful oak trees.