Bellgate Farms Wedding Photographer
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Bellgate Farms Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at Bellgate Farms in Coopersburg, PA.

For the wedding day, I always ask my couples what locations at the venue they like the most. I often take what I call environmental portraits. This means that I am not usually cropping super close on the couple but rather showing them in the landscape around them.

This picture of Megan and Jack has them standing beneath the trees adjacent to their ceremony site at Bellgate Farms. I put a flash behind them to create a back light that would mimic late day sun light. In this particular location the natural light was a little flat so I wanted to add a little dimension with the flash.

Some photographers will only follow the natural light but unfortunately there is not always interesting natural light wherever my couples want their pictures taken. Rather than telling them the light is no good in the locations they love, I create beautiful light for them anywhere. Don't get me wrong because natural light can be absolutely amazing and I certainly use it. It just isn't always in the right place at the right time. Being able to shoot with natural light and artificial light allows me to create beautiful pictures anywhere my couples want to have their pictures taken.